Alright alright. Have to update my bloggie now, if not I dont know whether got free time to update or not cause of I have to prepare my trial and also PMR from now on :(

So yeah, have a nice trip to Thailand at 15 July with my family. Ehhemmm, just for woman ( izit this word not suitable for me :S ). Ahaha. We arrive at AirAsia Airport after taking breakfast with them somemore we should arrive early to check in.

Camwhore for a while. Hmm, please ignore me, I look fatty in this picture. LOL.

Finally, we arrive at Thailand! Muahahah. I cannot describe my mood at that time. Im so hyper with no reason -,-

Lee Gardens.

My room's number. ( Dont know why I so free to take such as these picture -,- )

My aunt like this picture so much. 

Ahahah. I like the hotel. The room is so clean and not like my last time hotel ( NO! hostel is more suitable ).

Since my aunts were so hungry, so we went to the nearby food stall to fill up their empty stomach. 

There are nothing special to eat somemore I haven hungry also, so I just order two different TONG SHUI and keep play my camera.

My aunt's choice.

After lunch, we started to shop for a while at the shopping mall. Actually we wanted to shop at the outside stall but the weather is hot like OMG so we just scrap the idea.

With mum.

It's so cuteeeee! Feel like wanna buy it but my mum said : Clean your room first. LOL, how sad could I.

Did your spot that shirt, No Honey More Money. What a funny shirt -,-

The weather make me feel like wanna jump into swimming pool. Guess what? It's so f*cking hot. After window shopping, we back to hotel and take a bath. We had our dinner at the hotel. The food taste nice but I didn't took more food since most of the food is spicy. Yea, thats why I scare kena Nasional Service -,-

Im so enjoy my dinner. MUAHAH.


Im shorter than my cousin although she just form 2. So my mum always laugh at me -,-

Supper Time. 

Brought some fried prawn at the roadside foodstall. Hmm, actually I hate to eat prawn due to my lazy, hahaha. 

 Cola in bottle.

Mango rice. Its taste nice!

Kuey Teow is our supper choice.

The next day, 16 July. 
Woke up in the crack of dawn. Eww, so tired somemore I cant even open my eyes when my mum woke me up. Had my breakfast at the hotel.

The eggs is so nice to eat

After that, we started shopping at the morning market. Hahaha. INTHEHYPERMOOD* But, not less than 5 minutes, my mum brought a lot. And I just had to help her to take her things -,- Did your felt that how pity am I :(

Took this picture since im so bored when my mum was buying seafood products and I sat at outside to wait my aunt. Sigh* Btw, I hate those car seriously. Its will make my hair messy after taking those car -,-

Camwhore in the car. I sweat a lot since the weather is so damn hot :( Nest destination, Floating Market. We should be had our lunch at there.


Its make me feel hungry now. Taste awesome!

Hello, my prettier aunt (:

The clay mug can bring to home. TeeHeee, I choose Hello Kitty

Its look cute, right ? Ahahaha.

Ice Cream ♥ Its so speacial cuz the ice cream got put some bread and I dont feel like its taste more better.

The scenery is beautiful but I think the river will be polluted by those rubbish. Hmm :(

Dont know what kind of flower. Its look like corn, hahahh.

Did your still remember this kind of fish? I always brought this kind of fish and died without 1 week with no reason. LOL. Its not fault, Im so care about it kay :( 

After our dinner, wo directed went to night market. We heard from our driver said there sold a lot of cheaper things. Awww, I'll cannot control if I got money -,-

On the way back to hotel. Since we wanted to take supper so we called the driver stop by the roadside.  

Poridge is our choice.

Prawn again -,-

After finished our dinner, we gave some surprise to mummy and aunt. They were July babe

Carrot cake.

Blueberry Cheese Cake.

Delicious + To go = Enjoy .
Actually is, delicious + to go = A lie. LOL, Its taste really not good, expecially the carrot cake :(

Seems they were so surprise and happy. Hahaha. Andanddd, Happy Birthday to my beloved

Last day in Thailand, 14 July.

I said : Can lend my some food, Im so super duper hungry.  Hahaha, let your saw my exhausted face. LOL.

Brought HotDog from 7 eleven. Hahaha. I must eat when I was hungry if not my mood will become super down. Muahah.

Went back to M'sia at around 5 something in the morning. LOL. What's a exhausted trip. Hahah, but its fun for me (:

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