Mummy's Birthday ♥

Sorry for didn't update for this few days. Hmm, forgive of my lazyness plus busy (:

- 22 . 07 . 2011 -

Important day for my mummy.  Woke up at 5.30 in the morning for prepared a surprise to mummy. Decided to make sandwich but I think that's not like a sandwich. LOL.

Don't laugh at me. Its better than the last time I made. Hahaha. But I don't know what it's taste. Mummy said it's tasty but I don't know whether it's true or not. Hmm :S

At night, father decided to celebrate mummy's birthday at Sunway Giza @ Full House

Mummy and daddy I love your !

Mummy's choice.

Daddy's choice.

My choice. I love the potato! It's taste good

- 23 . 07 . 2011-

Finally, I made a new spec. Since my eyes so sensitive with those colour lens that brought from optical shop, so I need a pair of spec to let my eyes rest. Hmm, but I wore the lens that brought from onlineshop also doen't matter. Eww :(

Went to temple in the morning with relatives and had our breakfast at there.

Orange juice plus shandy. Since I'm so bored at there, and the orange juice is so sweet like hell, so I add some shandy in it. Hahaha, I know that it's so disgusting.

Back home and prepared for the night dinner.

No wearing colour lens.

Hmm, brother looks so serious in this picture. Hahaha.

Didn't took any photo of the food since they were so hungry and I feel embarrassed to take photo.

They were dancing suddenly. LOL. I think we had order their Lala MeeHun and they so grateful for us, so they dance. hahaha.

End. home sweet home.

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