Post it with my broken english coz my computer can't type chinese. LOL -,-

Thanks my dad for brought me the camera! Mwahhh, love you dad ;D ♥

No lens, and i look so weird in this picture.

Hmm, the camera is so heavy for me :( Cant even hold properly when first time use this camera. Aww, I like the quality of the camera's picture ! ♥ My dad said I can showoff my camera with others. LOL, im not that kind of people also -3-

- 13 . 07 . 2011 -

Went back to my old school, Subest today for joined their Hari Sivik (:
Actually I wanted to take back my kerja kursus from this school. So, congratz myself, I forget about the kerja kursus since I so busy took picture with my besties and brought food to eat ;P

So yeah, picture do the talk ;D

She's so freaking love my camera, and she's keep said my dad is such a good father ♥ Hahaha, I love this picture so much!

My two babes

Emily keep used her hands to cover her face -3- LOL, but if not do that, I think she won't accept all these picture x) Ouhhhh babe, you pretty larh weihy ;D 

Janice is so busy for prepared her performance. Yea, she's act as a bride in her performance and she look pretteyyy in this look!  

Since I love to eat waffle, so I brought waffle with chocolate although I was full -,- So, I must shared with babe, if not I cant finished it. Seriously, it's good taste compared with the waffle that sold at my current school. LOL.

She was waiting for her sweetheart, and I tested my camera x)

Forget what time, Bernard came to school.

Seriously Bernard, I hate your straight hair -3-

Well, i'm so envy her white skin and her stature (: Hahaha 

Old classmates ♥ 
I miss them a lot and a lot! And I'm so glad that can same class with them, coz they're so AWESOME!

Since I'm so bored and thirsty, so I brought this (:
Blue Ice Blended

This my camera zoom limit -,- So, I can't take more near the stage. How sad could I :( The performance is nice

With the sweetheart, HoYan


Yea, she's like peace -3-

Eww, last picture took with her :( I must hang out with her after PMR! Don't forget me although we're not same school :) IMY babe!

Happy Belated Birthdayy, Johnson! ♥ 
Sorry that I didn't wish you at your birthday. SorrySorrySorry! I sang birthday song for you so hope you don't mad on me larh (:

Lastly, congratz you're in school -3-
How come they put such this billboard in school arh, it's so funny x)

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