27 Nov @ sunway


Actually it's a simple post as I didn't take much picture that day.  Once we reach there, straight to the cinema for buy the ticket. Twilight and You're the apple of my eye, again. Since I haven eat breakfast, so we decided go to snowy to had my (brunch?). After that, went to cinema for watch the movie, Twilight. Actually it's nice, but the movie had been cut too much then make me confuse about the story and felt sleepy. Lol. 

After the movie, went to Dragon-I to had our lunch. 

Arghh, the 锅贴 taste so nice! I miss it :(

Then, went for watch the second movie, you're the apple of my eye. As your know, I had watched it last time.  Muahaha, I had watched it twice. Btw, it's quite nice! I still can cried while watched it. Lol. It's really touched kayyy, don't laugh at me. haha.

Dinner ♥

I bought it at watsons. Actually I never buy it before but seems my hair is getting more dry so I try it. Hope my hair will be better after use it :D

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