07 Dec @ Pyramid.

Hello peeps. Actually I'm so lazy to update my bloggie, but since my bloggie become so dead, so it's no choice :3 Back to topic, hang out with Janice, Vince & Francis at pyramid. They're so friendly and humor. Once we reach there, we went to skating rink to meet them. Guess what, I felt so dump as I keep fall down and felt very sorry to Francis :(  I'm not dare to try second time since my legs are seriously injured but it's the good memories and experience la, at least I knew how to skate a bit, haha.  

After skating, had our lunch at 台湾风味馆. I wondered why that day I felt like so full so I decided to share the food. :D  

It's not bad thou :P

Can your saw both of my legs. Grrrr, so ugly :(

He likes to take a lot of picture and keep saying that he so pro of taking picture. Haha, he's so funny :D

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