29 . 07 . 2011

 Ladies and gentlemen, babies and elephants. Sorry again due to my lazyness. Well, start my topic nao ;D This few days kept study study and study with those girls. Hmm, actually I also didn't had did any revision for what topic that I don't understand although I face to the revision book in the 4 hours. Guess what? I kept on FB, watched tv, ate snack, and called people. LOL. Trial just still got 2 more weeks and PMR just left three more months, but I'm still like take-it-easy. Eww, I'm so regret that when I'm in Form 1 and Form 2 didn't concentrate on my study. Just knew how to ponteng and ponteng. ARHHHHH! I wanna kill myself. 

Alright, it's no time to let me regret. What I have to do is use the rest of time to do revision with my worst subject :) 

Tiring but happy Friday ♥ Eye lids are so heavy right now. Goodnight and sweetdream babe ;)

 Say CHEESE to myself. :D

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