30 . 07 . 2011

Wellow, I'm here to blog now ;) Finally, I have the mood to update bloggie. Alright, went to Sunway Pyramid and Giza last Saturday with babe Janice and fetched by brother since I was bored to death at home. Aww, I miss her soooo badly ♥ 

Once we reached there, supposed to go for bank in and bought the bubble tea from Chatime.

Pearl milk tea. Janice's choice

And my choice is Roasted milk tea. 

Camwhore for a while. I admit that I ugly ;(

Around 7 reached at Giza. Since brother went to join his friend so we headed to have our dinner at  Ichiban Boshi :) So, picture do the talk :)


Our's kitty mirrors

Camwhoring before meet with brother.

17 Saloon. 

Went to eat loklok since we had to wait for the beer's stock until 9pm. Didn't eat too much coz of my stomach was too full at that time.

Cute babe

Finally, its the time went back to 17 Saloon. There had three flavour beer which are Jaz Fresh Lager, Jaz Fresh Aromatic and Jaz Fresh Lychee! I prefer the Jaz Fresh Lychee, it's so nice!

Captured by Janice

Felt that so boring after babe went back home at 11 something since she had to go for a trip on Sunday. I just kept on FB via brother's phone and looked the picture that captured that day. So, left there at 1 something since brother wanted to second round at Genting.

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