05 Nov @ Pyramid

Hello readers! Sorry for the late update as I was busy like hell recently. Well, let's talk about 5 nov, I had a memorable gathering with primary schoolmates at pyramid :D At first, went to chatime once we reach there with the girl.

Wintermelon tea is her choice while pure cocoa is my choice. Aww, pure cocoa is really nice :3 Met them and also the girl, YunWeii at nearby the chatime :) yeaa, they had changed a lot compared to the primary. We headed to Mcd for our lunch but we had separated. lol. We chat a lot although we didn't same school :) haha, since babe YunWeii had to back home early, we went for camwhore. I love them! :P  

It's time to say goodbye to babe yunweii after that. I miss you, darling! ♥ x) We rushed to cinema for the movie, In time. As we late for watch the movie, I didn't watch the front part of the movie. Btw, the movie is interest :) After movie, we went for shopping. Actually I wanted to buy shoes since my shoes so cacat dyy but I might be buy it next time. Look forward to Sunday, hang out with Janice again, muahah ♥

Camwhoring ♥

I love this! ♥

Met with the guys again around 6 something. We had our dinner at The Fish Market.

The food was not bad ;D

Oh yeahh, I miss them! Looking forward to the next gathering :) ♥

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