13 Nov @ Sunway

Hello and morning peeps! Here I'm blogging again :P Well, went to Sunway with the sweetie at 13Nov, again. My brother always asked me just we two person hang out and never getting boring? No, we only can get more time and do what we wanted to do. :D

Once we reached there, we headed to redbox since I did not go there for a long time.  

Roses! Janice's favourite. It's quite nice ♥

My choice. It's really taste good! I love salmon ♥

Janice's choice. I did not try it as I keep singing and choose songs but I heard from Janice said it's taste not so good. hmmm.
We get hyper after sang Rolling in the deep and we sang it twice. ♥ After that, It's time went to cinema and watched You're The Apple Of My Eye. Oh yea, it's so touching and funny. Somemore their dialogue is quite meaningful and make me cried for it. :'( Recommend your to watch the movie! ♥

Outfit of the day ♥ First time to tie up my front hair.

Went to The Honey Moon for dessert.

The logo is so cute! haha.

Looking forward to another outing with her ♥

Click in for me please :D

thanks! bye ♥

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