19 Dec, Daddy Birthday ♥

Had our breakfast at 键宏 near Perdana :) Actually I don't feel hungry at that time but since my mummy said the pan mee taste very good, so I try it wheter it good or not. 

Not bad thou ;) Next time I want to try the chicken rice at there, heard that it very tasty :$ 

Celebrate daddy's birthday at Kepong and I've forgot the restaurant's name. lol.
Picture do the talk.
Hello, happy chineses new year. :3

 My aunt bought such the big prawn for the dinner. 

My beloved daddy, Happy Birthday to you! ♥ 

The dishes are very tasty make me keep eating. #omfg I've become more fatty :( 

Daddy, no matter what, I love you and support you always ♥

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