23 Dec @ Sunway

Had an outing with babe Janice for celebrate her birthday ♥ 

I bought the red shoes since my old shoes had dyeing. I like it sho muchh!

After that, meet Vince at near the paparice. 

Took by Vince. :D 

 While he went to skate, we headed to redbox. I love to sing ♥ 
The food. Not bad, but I keep singing and didn't eat it then become not warm, feel so disgusting. :( 

After redbox, walk around Asian Avenue for shopping ♥ 

 Babe, you so sweet, I love you ♥ muahaha.

After camwhoring, I felt like wanna eat some snack. So we decided to eat this ♥

Eww, nice to eat! I miss the taste :( 

 The octoous so cuteeeeee! *wink*

I had tied up my fringe since I felt my forehead so oily. Hmm, still okay? haha.

Babe, you're always my bestie, no matter what :) ♥ I love you :3

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