Hello readers, how are your recently? I know that I didn't update my bloggie for a long time as I'm busy with the uncomplete homework. #So sorry to my bloggie cuz I made you so dead :( Alright, it's just a vain post actually and I'll wrote about my current life. As your know, a new puppy had became one of my part in life, it's name Milo. His name funny right but easy to call and memorise :D 

Taadaa, it's milo ♥
I love him so muchhh! Although he's just two month big, but he always bite me painfully, lol. My mum said my father is the one who taught him bite others, hahah. Sometimes he's quite naughty, always bark without reason and I hate to clean his excreta ToT 

Alright, I had cut short my hair last few days :) My friends felt shock when I change to short hair as I had very long hair before I cut, definitely. okay, I love my short hair even thought short hair show that my face roundly and become more darker obviously. But on the other hand, short hair save shampoo save time save money.  
Before and after I cut :P 
How brave am I, hahah. Some of my friends said short hair suit me, but some are not. I'll accept all kinds of comment, but please, said it in front of me, don't keep said bad behind me, it's so suck and I hate this :) 

Well, gonna accompany  my baby milo ♥ Bye ! 

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