1 May @ Summit

 A suddenly hangout for movie with family since my parents didn't work at the day. I knew that exam is just around the corner, but I still have no mood to study for it lol. Dying, soon. 
Alright, went to forget-what-place to have our dinner before went to Summit :P The food at the restaurant is really tasty and the price is also reasonable. It's the place where my parents prefer to have our dinner every weekends.  

Movie of the day, Battleship. It's the second time I watched the movie and I almost understand the content of the movie as I had confused when the first time I watched it. 

'' We gonna die you gonna die I gonna die, but not today'' 
It's so cool when Alex hopper said this HAHAH. 

That's all for today. ♥
Please click it for me before you leave :P 

It's nice when someone remember small details about you. Not because you keep reminding them, but becauce they actually care. 

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