12 May, sweet 16 Birthday ✿

Actually it's a last-few-weeks post but since I'm busy with study for exam so now I only suppose to post it :p Picture do the talk as I had forgot some plot on the day :)

Yeahh, mummy had bought RT Pastry House's cake, sesame charcoal cake, for me as the birthday cake ^^ Thanks you mummy and I also bought the blueberry cheese cake for mummy as the mother's day cake. lol. 

 Blueberry cheese cake.

Sesame charcoal cake. I think I prefer sesame charcoal than blueberry cheese since the cake not that sweet and the older people like my parents will addicted with it. It's so nice thou, seriously! 

After had our dinner, my families celebrated my birthday at overtime, manjalara :p ✿
Excited, I love to drink hahah! 

The sillyboy, hahha! 

Her face became so red after drink :o

okay, i have no idea when i took this photo with mummy. That time I was so drunk and don't know when I became drunk till like no awareness :o

 The next day I woke up only realised that one of my leg had get injured. My leg had swollen like seriously, I think I had twisted my leg when I drunk lol. Somemore I heard that I keep crying and did some stupid things when I was drunk. eww 

The injured leg :o

The present from Janice babe, thankyouuuuuuuuu :p 

That's all for the day. Click the links before you left here, thanks youuuu ✿

Gonna on fb twitter and weibo, chiiiaoooo :)

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