8 June @ Sunway ✿

Had an outing with Janice, xiiaozhen and Francis :) 

Went to Janice's house at around 7.30 in the morning. Quite early, it's because my dad had to rush to klang to meet his customer. Continue sleeping at her house, but since I had flu so I can't sleep well. :( Alright, went to watson to but somethings once we reached there :p Walked around while wait for xiiaozhen and francis :) As xiiaozhen and francis didn't have their breakfast, so we went to BBQ Plaza as we had no idea what to eat. 

Bought the ribbon hair clip at Da Louis. Roses is love ♥     

Movie of the day, Snowhite and the hunstman. 

Left bbq plaza and went to cinema to watch movie. The movie started at 1.55p.m and we went there early to buy some popcorn and drinks. The movie is not bad thou, kristen steward is so prettyyyy, seriously! Went to ZenQ had some desert afterward.

Photograph of the whole family as the present of father's day :p

so red hahaha! 

The two pretty! ♥ Kept playing phone -.-

Should have a haircut or keep it long? hmm 

Bought the masks at Sasa. 4 pieces for RM 10, deserve to buy it :p 

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