1-3 June @ Langkawi ♥

A lot of picture in this post. Not much to talk, picture do the talk due to my laziness haha :p

I didn't sleep at the whole night cuz I know that if I wake up in the early morning sure that I'll feel tired to the max, so it's better don't sleep and wait untill 5 o'clock. It's time headed to Pulau langkawi! :p Bored to death in the car and I can't feel sleepy that time, damn! 

The time that we reached at the Pulau Langkawi had been taken for almost 8/9 hours, too long sial!

 Outfit of the first day :D

Dinner time! 

Not bad thou! but quite expensive.

The next morning :p

Hello mummy :* 

 My brother was playing go-kart, I want too T.T But since I wore dress so I can't played it, sigh.

 The second destination hehe :p

After that, black sand beach :)

After lunch back to hotel and sleep again lol. Didn't played jet ski since there are big wave in the sea that time T.T kay, I'm so collapse.

Nice!  ♥

The third day hehe. 
 Didn't wore the colour lens since it make my eyes gone red so I wore the transparent lens :)

Had our lunch at bukit tambun. 

 The food are quite nice, especially the fish!

Around 9 something reached home. Shoooooo tired that time :( 
 Many chocolate but mummy had to give some of them to her colleague, sad case :(

Miss langkawi! Should buy more chocolate at there next time! T.T

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