8 July @ one utama.

Hey peeps, here I come for blogging! :p Had an outing with le beloved family ♥ I love the moment when stick with them haha, just like a kid.

comfy outfits of the day! Top from Uniqlo and bottom from times square. 

Waited for dad back from his work and headed to one u at around 6 o'clock. There's a litle arguement between us due to my mum's temper. oh well, woman always be like that :3 Since mummy had to buy something at watson so went there once we reached one u :) Took the red watch for repair afterward, thanks mummy for paying that, it's expensive act :(

Watami as our dinner choice since daddy's stomach was so empty.

My choice. Unagi always is my choice when having sushi meal. ♥

 Mummy's choice.

Movie time after dinner. The amazing spider-man, the movie of the day :)
 It's not bad tho. for me la, it's nice to watch! Quite touched when the middle part I think.

Awwwww, he's so adorable and cute! Always spot hot guy in the movie haha! And the actress is so gorgeous and pretty, she has pair of big eyes! 

It's all of the day ♥ Click it for me please :p

Thanksyou! byeee gonna off to studyy :D

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