16 September @ Paradigm mall

Such a last minute plan to outing at Paradigm mall with aunties and mummy :p Actually, I'm not prefer last minute plan due to need rushing for prepare well and the point is, I'll sure forget to bring/left something at my house. Quite struggling, but I'm not willing to stay at home since it's weekends, feel so dead. Alright, I so love to spend my time at Paradigm mall. There are the shopper and food-lover's paradise! ♥

Went to watami for our lunch! So addicted to sushi ♥

hheheheh, the sushi! :Q

Ramen also not bad! 

The two ingredients for those rice :) 

Yeahhh, this is so nice! Recommended 

 salmon and chicken  :) 
 and this is unagi :Q

Had bought a jacket from brands outlet  and bracelet from vincci. Nice day with them ♥ 
Wonder why I only got the mood to update my bloggie in the midnight, it's make me so exhausted and my eyelids so heavy.  So byeeee and goodnight readers! :*

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