17 September @ Pyramid

Had an outing with Janice and Zhen Lin :) A last minute plan also, luckily Janice called me in the morning or not I'm sure not awaken and hang out with them. Such a long time didn't hang out with her hehe.  Alright, reached there around 11. Went to cinema once we reached there :)

Outfit of the day. 

Met with Zhen Lin at cinema. Went to Pommes Frites Bistro after bought tickets :)

Here the food :b

Resident - Evil 5 as the movie of the day :) Such a scary movie i never seem before. lol. Kept shocked and scared me while the zombie suddenly came out, and screamed in the cinema..... -,-''   

Owing to we had nothing to do after watched the movie and need to wait my parents to fetch us up at 8, so we had made up our mind to sing k at Red box.  

Spot our tired face. hahah 

Had bought somethings before left pyramid :)
 The phone case. 

Bought this to treat my damage hair :b 

That's all for the day :) ciiaoooo and goodnight :P

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