26 August @ Paradigm mall

Helloooo peeps! Seriously, I felt guilty that I didn't make my promise about blogging often. Alright, here a post about outing w/ family. ♥ I think it's a short post cause I had almost forget what I've did that day, hit me please -,-'' 

Went to Garden @ Recipe to had our dinner. 

Well, seems the honey passion fruit juice like so disgusting but it's taste nice, sour is love ♥ 

my choice :)

Dad's choice ;)

Mummy's choice :)

And this is my dad's choice too. I'm wondering why he can't feel that his stomach whether full or not, keep on eating. lol.

 Rushed to cinema after dinner :) Watched The Expendables 2. Yeahhh, the second time watched the movie. I can't feel bored seriously hahha :p

And this, caramel favor. Bought it before went to cinema and had it while watching the movie :Q  

#ootd. Dress from Brands Outlet. ♥

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