24 Dec @ Sunway

Hello readers! Sorry for the late post since I really no time to update my bloggie :( Hence, enjoy my post! 

Countdown Christmas with primary schoolmates at Sunway ♥ It's the first time that went for countdown. So, 
I'm so excited that day hahah. *wink* 
Not much photos in the countdown posts as I didn't bring my camera. Guess what, it's too big and inconvenient to bring for countdown. These photos are using Janice's camera to take. Eww, I love her camera! ♥

Okay well, reach at Sunway around 9 something. Since we felt so hungry, so we decided went to Sakae Sushi for our dinner :D Yeaa, I love sushi so much! ♥

With the girl ♥ I love this photo :D

Thanks Kin Pong for the cake! :)

Seems I wanna cry? We had been spray too much. We get wet and my hair feel like so yucks? Eww :(

Crazy countdown for christmas. The day is so memorable for me and looking forward to the next year countdown ♥ 

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