27 May @ one u

Had an outing with Janice and Weiguang, Cherrie and her boyfriend joined us at the Neway karaoke :)

Outfit of the day! :D

Straight went to cinema to take ticket once we reach there :) Avengers as the movie of the day.  It's so nice to watch like seriously, till now I'm still miss the movie haha! Everbody said that the Captain America is so handsome like I do. But I prefer the iron man, Mr. stark, he's so powerful and also humor in the movie.    

 captured with the cutie :D

 Went to Neway karaoke after movie and met Cherrie and her boyfriend at there. Finally can sing as I had didn't sing for a long time :D I'm hungry like sial since I didn't eat my breakfast before go to one u lol.   
Still use the wire mic :o 

Everything fried :o Seriously, I don't prefer fried food but since I'm hungry so... I finished it :( We sang for few hours until 7pm, fulfill my desire of singing haha!

Had bought the cake, Dreams came true, since Janice said it taste nice and I wanna tried it seriously, so cute right :p 

Hmmm it's not bad actually, but I think that it's made of butter and I feel greasy after ate it all :o

 Tried the latest favourite, cookie crumble crescendo. Not bad, luckily it's not taste like mocca or other else like coffee flavor due to I not so prefer those flavor of coffee hehe. 

Left One U and went to Woo Ga Choon which is nearby sunway pyramid to had our dinner :) It's the truly korean restaurant ;)

 It's taste great!

This too!

The dessert is not bad! It's taste like barley ;)

Went to 17 saloon, Sunway Giza to meet my family after that ;) Millions thanks to Weiguang for fetch me and felt sorry to him cuz I've left my things on his car and he had to give back the things to me on the next day :( 

That's all for the day. Click the links for me please :p 


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