30 May @ Sunway.

Hello readers, here i'm blogging! Had set my alarm at 8 o'clock but I woke up in 8.45 something lol, felt so sleepy and make me no mood to choose clothes as the outfit. I had changed my clothes for almost three times -.-'' so outfit of the day : top from cotton on, bottom from sungeiwang and the shoes from playboy. 

Went to Janice's house around 10.20, it's already late cuz I promised her that i'll reach her house at 10, sorryy :( Once we reach there, went to cinema for bought the tickets, Men in black 3. Went to Da Louis afterward. Had spent my money on necklace and bracelet, kayy i'm so poor now :(

Captured it before packed :) 

Since we had no idea for our lunch, so Ichiban ramen as our choice! First time to try the restaurant :)

Unagi Don as my choice. I'm addicted to unagi like seriously!

Janice's choice.

Derrick's choice. 

Met the boys afterward. Saw a lot friends at the cinema hahah :p Men in black 3 quite nice and funny! But so confucing when watching the movie, it's like about time jump and the last part of the movie quite touching haha :p 

Redbox after movie.  
my choice :) I'm so hungry and i ate it all :o

wohoooo my heart will go on hahah! kayy, redbox had changed a lot. There are no remote control and changed it to touch screen for choosing the songs. I really had no idea when choosing the songs due to first time to use the touch screen :o

So cold when at the room and make me can't sing at all, somemore I started feel tired :(  

The shirt. So cuteee hehe!
Nice outing with them but kinda tired and their jokes can't make me laugh at all lol. That's all for the day :p Click the link before you leave yoo :D

Bye! ♥

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