15 July @ Sunway Giza.

Helloooo peeps! I knew that I didn't update my bloggie for a long time, but here I come :p So firstly, it's a quite short post, and due to my wordless, picture do the talk :)

Went to d'italianekitchen @ sunway giza with family for dinner :D Strongly recommended the restaurant! The food are pretty delicious and somemore the service and the workers are so attentive to the guests :p

I miss beer TT 

 Mushroom soap! Full of mushroom and cream, can't compared to those pizzahut's mushroom soap lol.

 Fulfill much haha! Kinda fulled after ate the food :p There's lot of tasty food, you guys can go there and try them :p kayyy recently craving for food seriously, I love food muchhhh! I need to work out after my leg recover completely, so please recover faster. 

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