First outing with classmates in August. ♥

Hello peepo! Had been a long time didn't touch the computer, seems like a thousand year didn't blogging, on facebook and so on. Gahhhhhh, exam make me felt weird and stress. Guess what, the August test seems like so easy but you know that, just one hour need to complete the paper, and obviously I had insufficient of time! The feeling when you don't even know what's the question saying about and just stared at just like heart broken due to I had prepared for the exam last few night. So that's why. But still, I need to try harder to prepare and take ready for the final exam! Kayyyy, I can do it! 

Hoho, Thursday finished the august test and Friday hang out with my classmates! Yeahhhh, they're the beloved one :p Here the photos do the talk :) ♥ Lazy eileen is lazy, gaahhhh. 

Casual outfit on that day. Had bought the baseball jacket at Brands Outlet on that day, I do love it! 

And chatime afterward! 

And I just realized that I had told szeyiing that wanted to try Ochado since I still not yet to try this. Kaayyyyy, I'm easily forgotten girl. Next time should try Ochadoooooooo!

Bought tickets, Step up revolution after met Peiqi, crystal and maykee :) And sushi zanmai as breakfast for me and szeyiing but brunch for the three sweethearts :p 

 Dafuq? my nose. hahahah

No colour lens on that day, seems so weird, oppps :o 

The food!!!


I love them! 

Ohhyeahhhhh THE MOB! The movie is just so awesome, amazing! Especially they dance in the company, so cool like hell! Awww, Sean is so handsome hahahah. I'm crazeyyy with the movie!

The girls! ♥

 Left Sunway at 5. Fulfill and nice outing with them! ♥♥♥

Click the churpchurp before you guys leave here please :) 

Thanks and goodnight! ♥

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