15 August @ Sunway Pyramid

Heeeyyyy guys, happy holidayyyyyy! And I had started my holiday on Tuesday, yeahhh, I'm lazy as you know hahah! Alololool, it's a post about outing with my sweetie, Janice, a movie day with her :) 

Comfy outfits of the day :p I really love to wear slippers cause it won't hurt my feet after hangout for a whole day.  

Bought tickets once we reached there :p The three stooges, Step up, and the dark knight rises as the movies of the day! ♥ How shitty excited about it as I do love watching movie :B Went to Friday's to have our brunch :) First trying the restaurant. 

Lemonade ♥ Fresh lemon and the ice, nice ;)

Quite tasty but I really had no idea to eat it due to the burger is not a small size :o

Janice's .
This nice too! ;)

Kept rushed for the movies ;) but I enjoyed it, since I love Bruce and Sean so much :p So yeah, although there just a few minutes to let us rest and walk around, but a girl must buy something before leave the shopping mall, yeahh i did it, I bought two dresses and a bracelet. I'm absolutely broken.

And this too, from Vincci ;) I love it so much! 

The girl I love the most! ♥

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  1. Wow, Janice and you look so pretty! I like your fashion. -Your new Malaysian follower