19 Aug @ one utama.

Had an outing with the primary school friends at one utama :) Woke up at 7.30 and went to Janice's house around 8.25, sorry that I'm being late. Breakfast with her family and heading to one u afterward. Reached there quite early. Walked around and searched for the birthday presents :)   

The sweetheart ^-^ 

Casual coordinate! 

Met Kin Pong, Adam and Wai Hoe after that. 

sundae cone is love :Q

And Pepper lunch for our lunch :) First time to try this :p Since I'm not a pepper lover and not very fond of spicy food, so it's just so so for me. Perhaps you guys should try this, not bad actually ;)  

The expendables 2 as the movie of the day! Such a nice and funny movie, strongly recommended :p 

Left one u early since had to celebrate my aunt's birthday. Such a last minute plan -.-'' Waiting for the food untill I'm getting mad as I'm so hungry that time lol. 

The cake is so delicious! :Q

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  1. I love your casual coordinate and because you recommended the Expendables 2, I think I am going to watch it.