09 November @ Sunway

I'm really have to apologize about I've abandoned my blog and let it so dead due to my laziness. I felt guilty that I didn't update my blog frequently although I'm free at home, I never deny that I'm a super duper lazy girl hahaha. So, here I'm gonna blogging about outing w/ my bestie szeyiing at sunway pyramid :b We decided to hang out after the one-month-exam to relax and eat/buy till drop, so we make it on the Friday :) 

Thanks daddy be my driver, :* Reached there around 11 and met the bitch at starbucks. We made up our minds to redbox since we're craving to sing k hehehe. I like being crazy while stick with her and so yeahh.

 Hers. She like to drink cold although the weather can totally make us freezing.

 Mine, but I just drink a little of the cold one cause I'm just busying to sing hahahah.

 It's so nice I can tell you!

 Hellooo szeyiing, I sing for youuuu :*

After redbox, shopping time! It had been almost one month didn't go for the shopping complex and I really can't stand with it T.T  

 The bitch with her dipdyee, inspiring me *.*

Hui Lau Shan after that :) I wish to have their dessert for a long time and now I had make it :b Most of the desserts are mango and they're so nice if you're mango lover ;) 

Mine :Q

Window shopping after that ;) Sushi zanmai before we back :p

Guess what, we're salmon lover *.*

They're whet my appetite and I'm so hungry now after i saw these photos T.T

Nice day with her :* Byeeeeee!

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