Hi peeps! It's December but I not even update a post for this month. I really felt guilty of it but it's seriously not my fault at all since I can't upload the photos that i took by dslr, so yeah. I seriously have no idea what the problem is and it really drive me crazy. T.T Sooooo, how's you guys doing? I uh, doing well? I work at my dad's office currently and it's bored hahaha no la, actually it's good because I can take leave whenever I want *evil laugh*. But seriously, I have nothing to do, just like key in something then just done the work so I can slack around after that. Well, there have around two weeks before end of the December. Where are you guys going to celebrate Christmas eve, new year and so on?  Ajak me tooo okay :p Every year I feel the same thing, December will be pass faster than previous months, be admit it. It's a busier month and there's lot of events and parties to celebrate with, busy beeeeeeee :p kayy ciiao to twitter ^-^ 

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